Start by checking your seeder numbers, wi-fi interference, your current version, and your speed and priority settings. You can also close the other programs running on your computer. If you’re torrenting multiple files and want to speed one up, allocate more bandwidth to that torrent. To do so, just right-click the torrent, select Bandwidth Allocation, and then select High. Added trackers only affect files downloaded to your client. If you are extracting a torrent’s contents using a magnet link from an online site, that site is already serving as your “tracker.”

The traffic of a torrent site tells us a lot about its popularity. This can further affect metrics like library size or seeder/leecher ratio. When preparing this list of best torrent sites, we chose to factor in website traffic over the number of seeders for popular torrents, as these numbers can change overnight. Most sites have their own uploaders, so download speed will vary for new content. Generally, however, they’ll have around the same speed.

Removing Download Speed Limit

The working torrents are from the non-working ones or even the dangerous ones. But once you know you have a working torrent where the wait will be profitable for you. Torrents in the current day and age are not trustworthy. As sometimes they have a potential chance to put your computer at risk. This is because many torrent developers or authors want to use torrents as a means to prey.

  • You can use one of the best uninstaller software to make sure you can remove the browser and all its components.
  • It gets 10 to 20 million hits each month and indexes all types of content you can imagine.
  • There are various ways to set bandwidth, but if you want t do it manually, Press CTRL+P and then preferences.

However, all the configuration files will be built again, and the application should feel fresh. Allowing the application through firewall should solve the misbehaving uTorrent problem, and you should be able to download files normally over the internet. A firewall refers to the shield between your device and the internet. It prevents malicious users and files from being downloaded onto your device, as the internet traffic passes through the firewall. When any app has been disabled through the firewall, it will not be able to communicate over the internet freely. I would also like to suggest a different tool that downloads torrents- it’s called Torch browser.

How To Use uTorrent

Torrent , is just a file copy protocol which very efficiently moves files around the Internet. You get arrested for downloading licensed content for which you do not have a license. Most songs and movies that appear on download or file–sharing websites are copyrighted. It is illegal to download any music or movies that are copyrighted. Downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie could expose you to a lawsuit for money damages that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Once you click it, your browser will download the torrent file. Since it is a tiny file, it will download very quickly. However, for larger files, the laptop version is preferred. When I download uTorrent on a new computer, I usually uncheck the “Start uTorrent when Windows starts up” option. For everything else, I leave the default settings as they are. Downloading movies, music, games, software, or any other digital item for which you would normally have to pay is generally as illegal as shoplifting that same item.