This feature hides your IP address, activity, and location from unwanted third parties, which prevents a digital footprint from being left behind. ExpressVPN’s torrenting speeds are lightning-fast — regardless of your location. When I tested 4 of its US servers, my download speeds maintained an average of 48.5 Mbps. This allowed me to download a 2 GB file in under 3 minutes. Since the US servers I used are 10,000 kilometers from my actual location, I was rather impressed.

Magnet links are also a more popular method of downloading files. UTorrent is a free torrent client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. After installing the application, you can open magnet links and download them with the program. To use uTorrent with magnet links, install its desktop application and follow the instructions on its screen. Click “Add Torrent” and paste the magnet link into the resulting window.

BitTorrent Clients

To add a search engine in uTorrent, you should first go to Options and then to Preferences. If you only include a single site to search in the configuration menu you will likely get too few results. It may also show you a page that allows you to install a Chrome extension that can help you choose the best possible torrent results. Put a checkmark next to this option if it’s available.

  • Please remember that for the remote connection to work, you must leave your home computer on and the µTorrent desktop app running.
  • The magnet link in your torrent client should be open in your web browser if you have a magnet link client installed.
  • On top of that, you get an independently-audited no-logs policy, which is not that easy to find.
  • No user activity is recorded, although the company does keep some metadata logs.

However, as with many torrenting sites, BTSOW faced legal challenges and copyright infringement claims. As a result, the website was eventually shut down, and its domain name was seized by the authorities. The best antivirus deals offer you great protection for your devices in a nice and simple-to-use package. Right now, there are some great antivirus deals out there so we’ve narrowed things down to the highlights of the bunch.

Which devices and operating systems support ExpressVPN?

If this is the case, you can see past threat reports in the Windows Security app. Types of viruses that were well-spread 10 years ago are no longer the source of the trouble. Presently, the problem is more obvious in the locations of blackmail or spyware The obstacle of dealing with these concerns calls for new tools and different approaches. Within the remote menu you’ll see a checkbox, Enable uTorrent Remote Access. Check that box and then, in the Computer and Password box below, create a unique computer name and password.

There will be the section to generate a specific SOCKS5 username and password. Although there’s no doubt that PIA torrenting works well in most cases, many torrenters will prefer to avoid a US-based VPN for security reasons. That’s why we recommend using NordVPN, the best VPN for torrenting, instead.